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Anti-abortion provisions in health bill in jeopardy — Dems

01 Agosto 2017, 10:51 | Alonzo Saldana

President Trump has thus far had little direct involvement in the bill

President Trump has thus far had little direct involvement in the bill

According to the CBO's findings, if the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was completely repealed without a replacement the deficit would be decreased by $473 billion over the 2017 to 2026 period.

But he did not provide further clarity on whether it would be trying to move to a pure repeal or the original repeal-and-replace bill McConnell effectively gave up on earlier this week.

It is only to say that, if they're interested, Republicans now have room to work with Democrats - what a radical idea! - on a better bill.

Republican senators gathered at the White House to discuss the recently defeated party-backed health care bill alongside President Trump.

During a lunch meeting Wednesday, Trump urged senators to stay in Washington to forge an agreement on the health care legislation before the start of an already postponed August recess.

The announcement comes as McConnell's latest effort to repeal and replace the law known as Obamacare imploded after four senators came out against it.

McConnell instead will forge ahead with what could be a last-gasp vote next week on a new plan to kill off most of the 2010 reforms of Trump's predecessor - without a replacement at the ready.

Even with Trump's new push, Republican leaders in the Senate face a difficult task getting moderates and conservatives to agree on an overhaul that can pass.

The Republican legislation is a near-identical copy to repeal-only bill vetoed by former U.S. President Barack Obama in 2015.

Senator John Thune, R-South Dakota, chairman of the Senate Republican Conference, said there was a "good chance" that if Republicans prove unsuccessful next week there could be pressure to "pivot to another strategy, which could include shorter term measures where you are dealing with some of the Democrats, assuming they are interested in helping". "For seven years you promised the American people that you would repeal Obamacare". Not only that, but as with all other things health care-related these days, it is likely to change in the near future. "Dems will join in!", the Tweet reads.

Responde Rusia a sanciones de EU; reduce número de diplomáticos
La secretaria de prensa de la Casa Blanca, Sarah Sanders, declinó a responder si el presidente vetaría el proyecto de ley. "Es imposible tolerar indefinidamente este tipo de insolencia a nuestro país".

Speaking to the crowd, Trump asked if Heller, who is up for reelection in 2018, wanted "to remain a senator".

"The ACA's changes to the rules governing the nongroup health insurance market work in conjunction with the mandate and the subsidies to increase participation in the market and encourage enrollment among people of different ages and health statuses", the report states. Simpson was convicted in 2008 of enlisting some men he barely knew, including two who had guns, to retrieve from two sports collectibles sellers some items that Simpson said were stolen from him a decade earlier. It would be $5,000 in 2026 under Obamacare.

Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., who sits on the Senate health committee, said he's skeptical of talk that Republicans will work with Democrats.

Once Republicans accept that the landscape has shifted, their options immediately improve.

Those deductibles would make insurance financially unattractive to many consumers, especially the poor.

With the election of Donald Trump, AMERICAblog's independent journalism and activism is more needed than ever.

Insurers and hospitals have lobbied against straight repeal, saying the limbo would increase uncertainty and their costs. Political independents were more closely divided, with 54 percent saying coverage is a federal responsibility and 44 percent saying it is not.

FreedomWorks, like Club for Growth, is making the repeal of Obamacare "a key vote", meaning it will weight it heavily on lawmaker scorecards.

The GOP controls the White House and both houses of Congress. This is a bipartisan flop that Republicans and Democrats jointly own.

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