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Dozens Killed After Fire Engulfs Facility — Venezuela Jail Riot

31 Marcha 2018, 07:34 | Alonzo Saldana

Image Riot police were also scrambled to deal with the crowds

Riot police were also scrambled to deal with the crowds

Distraught relatives of some 68 people killed in a riot and fire in the cells of a Venezuelan police station demanded explanations on Thursday and rights groups and opposition politicians blamed leftist President Nicolas Maduro for overcrowding in the country's notoriously violent jails.

Families hoping for news outside the police station were dispersed with tear gas and authorities did not give information until late into the evening.

We call on the Venezuelan government to adopt immediate measures to address the conditions of detention to ensure that they comply with international human rights norms and standards, including the prohibition of torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Inmates are also frequently able to obtain weapons and drugs with the help of corrupt guards and heavily armed groups control cellblock fiefdoms.

In August 2017, a riot left 37 dead and 14 wounded in police cells in the southern state of Amazonas, while an April 2017 clash between rival gangs left 12 dead and 11 injured in the Puente Ayala prison in the eastern city of Barcelona. A fire at a prison in the western state of Zulia killed more than 100 inmates in 1994. Insiders have revealed that a presidential decree will allocate up to 14, 000 hectares of land owned by the government to the housing project. The two women who were killed were believed to have been visitors. He said it looked to have been started deliberately by the detainees.

The blaze at the police station's lockup was reportedly sparked by prisoners setting mattresses alight in a jailbreak attempt on Wednesday.

We urge the Venezuelan authorities to carry out a prompt, thorough and effective investigation to establish the cause of these deaths, provide reparations to the victims' families, and, where applicable, identify and bring those responsible to justice.

The death toll in Wednesday's disaster surpasses nearly every recent mass casualty event at Venezuelan prisons and jails on record.

The governor of Carabobo state, Rafael Lacava, issued a statement promising to investigate the incident, support bereaved families, and improve prison conditions.

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Activist Humberto Prado said: "There are people who are inside those dungeons, and the authorities do not know they exist because they do not dare to enter".

President Maduro, earlier this week, revealed that an estimated 82.5 million Petros have already been bought since the national crypto was launched in February this year.

Human rights agencies that have condemned Venezuela's penal system as one of the most inhumane in Latin America have called for a full investigation.

"The desperation of relatives should not be played with", he said.

Photos shared by the group showed prisoners being taken out on stretchers, their limbs frozen in awkward positions as their skin peeled off from the flames.

Relatives cry after learning their loved ones died.

Aida Parra said she last saw her son when she took him food the previous day.

Rodriguez quit the hospital months ago and wants to leave Venezuela to escape the crime and economic implosion that has brought widespread hunger to the oil-producing country. "They haven't told me anything".

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